The Concert 2011


live in Concertchastity-christine

Friday, 29. July at around 22:00 hrs. / schwelle7


CHASTITY post porn trash folk

Chastity is an extremely good looking danish singer based in Berlin. She is accompanied by her ugly brother Cell on acoustic Guitar and her uncle Carl on double bass. Their extremely original style combines rough campfire guitar with exquisite bass lines, complex harmony singing and an exceptional stage presence with texts as intelligent as explicit.

Their lyrics talk of the joy and pain of love and the love of joy and pain. They sing their heart out right under your skin and into your intestines. They make you laugh and cry and sad and mad and happy.

Chastity loves to play with pets. She never appears on stage without her cute dog Clit and her cat Cleopatra .
You are welcome to free your own pet and let it join Chastity on stage!!!


some CHASTITY videos of the December Concert at schwelle7, now on >>> You Tube <<< check it out!!!




For all the animals

Lyrics by Chastity

Would you like to be my pet?
Would you be there when I am sad?
Would you like to live at my feet?
Would you give me the love I need?

Will you come with me for a walk?
Will you listen, when I like to talk?
Will you learn some tricks for me?
Will you do, what I like to see?

Are you stable and can you obey?
Can you understand, what I say?
Can you guide me, where I can’t see?
Can you watch out - for me?

Would you like to be ...

Are you tired of being alone?
Are you looking for a home?
Are you ready for warmth and care?
Are you longing for what is rare?

Are you willing to make my day?
Are you able to give yourself away?
Can you hear your inner voice?
Are you able to make a choice?

Would you like to be...